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Hair Loss Treatment For Men | 1 Year Hair Plantation Update (I…

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Ignacio come back to see Dr. Matt Huebner of Natural Transplants, Hair Restoration Clinic 1 year after his hair loss treatment for men to show off his hair plantation. Norwood 6, this hair transplant patient was a 6 on the Norwood Scale.

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With our exclusive HUE (High-Yield Unit Extraction®) Method we can achieve 30% more density in a single procedure for hair transplant patients who are Norwood Class 6. This cutting edge procedure was developed by our Chief Medical Director, Dr. Matt Huebner and is exclusively used by the team of doctors at Natural Transplants Hair Restoration Clinics to produce unsurpassed results and maximum density. The concept is simple–to extract and move the MOST hairs possible in a single session. This is achieved by a highly-skilled doctors and highly efficient technicians, meticulously trained to maximize the donor tissue by limiting transected donor hairs.

Contact us today of your free consultation. CALL NOW 844-327-4247 or +1 954-372-8824
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