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Hair Doctor Receives Hair Transplant | 6 Month Hair Growth Fol…

#HairDoctor, Harold Siegel, received a #HairTransplant 6 months ago. In this followup video we check in on his #HairGrowth. Norwood 5, this hair loss patient was a 5 on the Norwood Scale.

Talk with a hair doctor FREE of charge:
Natural Transplants, Hair Restoration Clinic
Toll Free 844-327-4247
Local +1 954-372-8824

In addition to receiving a hair transplant and at hair growth procedure at Natural Transplants Dr. Siegel is also a hair doctor for the company preforming hair transplant surgery on patients from all around the world.

At Natural Transplants the majority of our hair loss patients join us from outside the local areas of our hair growth clinics. In fact, we have treated hair loss patients from all over the world. We have treated hair loss patients from China, India, England and other parts of Europe, South Africa and even Australia. And of course, we have patients that fly in from all over the United States. Because we feel you shouldn’t be penalized for having to travel to find the best hair doctor, we offer a travel incentive of up to $1,000 to help out with these expenses.
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