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Stop Using Hair Growth Shampoo & Get A Permanent Hair Transpla…

Stop Using Hair Growth Shampoo & Get A Permanent Hair Transplant

Yusef comes in for a four month permanent hair transplant post-op appointment. Doctor Huebner talks about the hair growth with Yusef to date. Norwood 4, this hair loss patient was a 4 on the Norwood Scale.

At Natural Transplants, we don’t have a rotating door of hair restoration technicians. Our doctors and team of highly-skilled technicians have a combined 45 years of experience in the hair loss field.

Doctors working for large corporations, such as Bosely Hair, tend to earn a small percentage of revenue created and for that reason have to work with as many hair loss patients in a day as possible and push products like hair growth shampoo. That is a great model for the corporation, but a horrible model for a hair loss patient who wants the best care possible and a permanent hair loss solution.

It is also common for big corporations, like Bosley, Hair Club, and Hair Club for Men, to have a management team focused on creating as much profit per patient as possible, so they up-sell their hair loss patients needless services, such as laser treatments at exorbitant prices, PRP treatments, post-op packages, hair growth shampoo and derivatives of Rogaine. These products are added as a way to generate additional revenue with no regard for the patient.

At Natural Transplants, Hair Restoration Clinic we don’t believe in these tactics or pushing products like hair growth shampoo on our patients. There are no surprises when you arrive for your procedure. All the costs are fully disclosed in advance and the hair transplant cost will not change upon arrival. Guaranteed.

Natural Transplants Florida
Hair Transplant Surgery Facility
Toll Free 844-327-HAIR (4247)
Local +1 954-372-8824

Natural Transplants Maryland
Hair Transplant Surgery Facility
Toll Free 844-327-HAIR (4247)
Local +1 301-841-6005

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