Call the Hair Growth Experts @ 844-327-HAIR (4247) Colin comes in for a one year followup to show off his hair growth. Doctor Huebner and Colin discuss is hair transplant before and after progress to date and his decision to have a second procedure with Natural Transplants. Norwood 2, this hair loss patient was a 2 on the Norwood Scale. Are you looking for a fuller, natural looking head of hair that will make you look and feel better? Are you wanting to increase your confidence and self-esteem? Natural Transplants, the premier hair transplant clinics have a comprehensive and consultative approach to evaluating and treating patients with hair loss. Unlike other clinics that use ‘technicians’ to perform hair restoration, our team in made up of board-certified physicians & surgeons with many years of experience in treating medical hair loss. Natural Transplants Florida Florida Hair Transplant Surgery Facility Local +1 954-372-8824 Toll Free 844-327-HAIR (4247) Natural Transplants Washington DC Washington DC Hair Transplant Surgery Facility Local +1 301-841-6005 Toll Free 844-327-HAIR (4247) #HairGrowth #HairTransplantBeforeandAfter #HairTransplantFlorida #HairTransplantWashingtonDC

Hair Growth | Hair Transplant Before and After, 1 Year (Colin)

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February 01, 2017 at 06:18AM


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