#HairTransplant | 10 Month #HairGrowth Follow-up Call 844-327-HAIR (4247) for a FREE consultation. Colin stops by the Florida Hair Transplant Clinic for a ten month follow-up. Doctor Huebner and Colin discuss his hair transplant and the associated hair growth over the past few months. Here at Natural Transplants, Hair Transplant Clinic we understand that it is every patient’s desire to have a fuller and more natural head of hair. We are home to the Nations top hair transplant surgeons who provide the safest and best methods for hair loss diagnosis and hair growth. Norwood 2, this hair transplant patient was a 2 on the Norwood Scale. Natural Transplants YouTube Channel is loaded with hundreds of hair transplant videos. Be sure to subscribe to our channel to receive hair growth updates. Natural Transplants Florida #HairTransplant Surgery Facility Toll Free 844-327-HAIR (4247) Local +1 954-372-8824 Natural Transplants Washington DC #HairTransplant Surgery Facility Toll Free 844-327-HAIR (4247) Local +1 301-841-6005

Hair Transplant | 10 Month Hair Growth Follow-up (Colin)

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