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Hair Loss Cure, Patient Travels 4,750+ Miles | 2nd Procedure (…

#HairLossCure Patient Travels 4,750+ Miles for 2nd Procedure

YouTube sensation Tony returns to Natural Transplants for a second hair loss cure procedure with the goal of achieving additional density. Why did Tony fly over 4,750+ Miles, TWICE, to visit our clinic? For starters, there are no hidden costs, no requirements to purchase products and every patient is treated as a true VIP.

Some hair loss patients, like Tony, elect to return for a second procedure. Based on the density of the hair transplant patient’s donor tissue, a single loss cure procedure can yield anywhere from 6,000-8,000 hairs or more with the end result of an additional 30-40% density. A second procedure works to double the density.

In frontal hairline and temple work, just like the procedure Tony received, it is absolutely necessary to use small single hair grafts. Everyone naturally has these small single hairs in the frontal hairline and temples. Using larger grafts in the frontal hairline results in an unnatural, “pluggy”, “dolls-hair” appearance which is often seen in older-style of hair transplants and hair plugs. But a single hair graft, while being natural, makes it difficult to achieve any real density. It is necessary to use larger grafts (grafts containing up to 6-7 hairs each) behind these smaller grafts to achieve meaningful density. We focus on choosing the right graft for the right region of the head, which allows us to achieve meaningful density and natural hair loss cure results.

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