Got hair transplant anxiety? Watch now & alleviate your concerns. 844-327-HAIR | | Alexandria, VA Jay visits Natural Transplants for a modern HUE℠ Method hair transplant procedure. Doctor Huebner talks with Jay about his hair transplant anxiety and his experience throughout the day. Aside from the initial administering of local anesthesia, there is no pain associated with the hair transplant procedure. The initial anesthesia is administered by our highly trained staff and Board-Certified Physicians using near-painless techniques. Most hair loss clients describe a mild burning which lasts only seconds and is quite tolerable. After the hair transplant procedure is completed, patients say that the process was actually enjoyable and not at all what they anticipated. It is not uncommon for some hair loss patients to feel some mild soreness or tightness the first 24 hours after the procedure. After the hair transplant surgery our team of doctors provide pain medications to all patients for use after the procedure, but many of our patients choose not to use them. A lot of hair loss patients will tell you the hardest part of the process is the waiting. They grow anxious from the time they decide to have a hair transplant to the day of the actual procedure itself. This sort of “hair transplant anxiety” is completely normal. As with any medical procedure, hair loss patient anxiety is a common tendency. Most hair loss patient experience thoughts of apprehension and doubt during the time leading up the hair transplant procedure. Hair restoration anxiety can be decreased with proper education about the procedure and by speaking with other hair loss patients who have undergone their procedures. We have many clients who are happy to share their experience with other prospective hair restoration clients. This often helps alleviate any hair transplant anxiety. To learn more about hair transplant costs view our video at: Natural Transplants, Hair Restoration Clinic Hair Transplant Consultation Facility 500 Montgomery Street, Suite 12 Alexandria, Virginia 22314 United States of America Toll Free 844-327-HAIR (4247) Local +1 703-650-9309 #HairTransplant #HUEMethod #Alexandria #Virginia

Hair Transplant | Modern HUE℠ Method Alexandria, VA (Jay)

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